Welcome to the “Security” Blog.

It is a full on inter-active blog with all the characters in the show dropping in to say their five pence worth because they feel it has some worth when the local MPs , or their families or their mates don’t…

It’s a place to find out their daily wranglings, what they want in this one short life, what they love or detest and what they would do with 3 wishes. Its a place where they can feel listened to.

Browse round and comment when you feel to because the page, stage, microphone, the megaphone is also yours.
We want you to feel free

  • to shine your lyrics on us

  • share your songs, poems and micro stories (max 300 words, 150 if you’re a Don)

  • educate us by sharing interesting web links

  • post images or audio

  • have a good ol’ fashioned rant

  • or just tell the world what you would do with 3 wishes.

If you want us to put up images or youtube vids or upload any audio, click here to get the contact us page and we’ll hook it up.

Calling all budding poets/ writers / performers / rappers / bloggers!!

Would you like to develop writing and performance skills, meet the characters ?

We provide workshop/masterclasses and mentoring, and opportunities to meet and learn from professional artists who are only too glad to share their skills. Anyone can apply but the deal is you feedback what you learn to the Security site. Sound like a fair deal? If you’re up for it then click here to get to the contact us page and let us know you’re alive.We’re friendly so if you have ANY questions about this project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Peace and Rice


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