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Welcome to the “Security” Blog.

It is a full on inter-active blog with all the characters in the show dropping in to say their five pence worth because they feel it has some worth when the local MPs , or their families or their mates don’t…

It’s a place to find out their daily wranglings, what they want in this one short life, what they love or detest and what they would do with 3 wishes. Its a place where they can feel listened to.

Browse round and comment when you feel to because the page, stage, microphone, the megaphone is also yours.
We want you to feel free

  • to shine your lyrics on us

  • share your songs, poems and micro stories (max 300 words, 150 if you’re a Don)

  • educate us by sharing interesting web links

  • post images or audio

  • have a good ol’ fashioned rant

  • or just tell the world what you would do with 3 wishes.

If you want us to put up images or youtube vids or upload any audio, click here to get the contact us page and we’ll hook it up.

Calling all budding poets/ writers / performers / rappers / bloggers!!

Would you like to develop writing and performance skills, meet the characters ?

We provide workshop/masterclasses and mentoring, and opportunities to meet and learn from professional artists who are only too glad to share their skills. Anyone can apply but the deal is you feedback what you learn to the Security site. Sound like a fair deal? If you’re up for it then click here to get to the contact us page and let us know you’re alive.We’re friendly so if you have ANY questions about this project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Peace and Rice


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Ayleen has been in touch with me saying that someone has been inside Elijah’s, her murdered brother’s, tribute page and posted a blog with one of Elijah’s alias’ – SMUGGZ. It is not her, or Brendon, their little brother. Its ok that the author of this blog has written a poem to draw attention to a very serious issue but the point is that no one was authorised to do this. No one from the team knows who has written it.

We can only assume that the blog has been compromised in some way and that the password been broken as also, none of the team have given the password to Elijah’s blog to anyone. It doesn’t make sense as a casual thing to do anyway. But implied threats have been made and responded to in the comments section. We appeal to anyone who may know what this about to not over react and to let us know what is going on. We are doing our best to get to the bottom of this.

To find out more check out the comments on the Lives not Knives post on Elijah’s blog.


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Hallo. My name is Mahmoud and Zena ask me to mek blog today. I mek photo blog. I put theez pictures here because I was on the Southbank the other day and I see theez boy dancing. He dance, he dance, he dance… I think to myself, “What he thinking? What in he head when he make these moves?” I wonder…

what he thinking mah blog bboy and graffOld skool bboy on southbank. Mah blog image

I have more my own photo on my blog called Mahmoud’s blog.



The Performer has just posted two blogs now.

Comedy and Tragedy

From the tone of the first one , the blog will be upfront, no nonsense “tell it like it is” addition to the “Security” family.

Here’s an excerpt “…If you’re a performer already you will know what its like to experience the rush of a good show and the depression of a bad one. If you’re not, then …. well, just imagine it being a gorgeous day outside the window and by the time you’ve your halter neck, or shorts and flip flops on, and you get to the front door…. it’s a hail storm. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens.)

Now multiply that by 5 to up to 50 million and you’ll be getting close to what euphoria and like being the schizophrenic head of a modern day performer. No disrespect intended but “bipolar” comes to mind.”

The Performer will be make many performance related contribution in the form of helpful tips, journal entries interviews from professionals and more. We’ll keep you posted.

Meantime, click to check the Performers blog.

Mahmoud’s 1st Photo Blog

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This is first time I mek blog. First time I put my photo to show people. I hope you like. I meet with Ayleen and she say she want me to meet some friends. She take me here. She say her brother Elijah, used to come here many times. Oh I meet some very interesting character here. And they give me brandy. It is like a place to come and find all the local gossip. You know, is very interesting to me. I don’ know many people from the Carribie , but they remind me of home. Many many stories, much laughing, some bad things happen when they try to come to England with the immigration. But Nice people…yes… very nice…

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Don’t sound right saying vagina like that?! by AyleeN Venetia Benoit

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Yeh this is Ayleen yeah and i wanted to say something about this video that Zena told me to watch about what security is yeh. i like it an all that but i was a bit shocked yeh when the woman who’s talkin started the whole video talkin about vaginas!! I’m like WHA’!!! But then i find out Eve Ensler, the woman in the video yeh, she wrote this one woman show like Zena’s called The Vagina Monologues. i like, alright, easy….Wait a minute…? oh yeeeeh Zena did say that it helped to inspire her to make own her show so….
Apparently its a whole show of older women talking about their how they feel about their..(I’m not allowed to swear, is it?)  about their vaginas, What for, I don”t know but this video is about security. Not the show, but what makes us feel safe in this world, in your community and just within your life I guess. .(IfI had of used another condom for extra “security” then maybe  I might not have to worry about another child brought up in this crazy peak  time. DON”T JUDGE ME I’m still trying to do the right fing.  The v  sounds quite interestin still…. so yeah I’m gonna watch it yeah and then get back to you.
Anyway check it out and tell me what you fink. MC KrudeReality out!

Eve Ensler: Security and Insecurity

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It Noh Funny and I agree

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algernon blog it noh funny picHowdeedoo. Dis is Algernon now. Yesterday I meet up with Elijah and I try to reason wid him. I tell ‘im how I understand what it is like for him as a young man growing up today, that I know what its like to be young man inna Ingland. But he tell me that I could never know what it like to be young now cuz it so violent on the street wid post code war and other madness.

But I can tell him some story an’ story when I was a yout’ and we had to fight off the racist teddy boys. Yes I have some story for him. But that is for later…

Remember I tell you about It It Noh Funny by LKJ? Well, wid a likkle help from Elijah he help me find this on the hinternet. I fin’ the words for Linton Kwesi poem and a link where you can find out more about him. Seems he knows alotta tings about poetry and politics. Yes, he seem like a man wid nuff wisdom. Mm hmm.

So I put them both, de words and de music for your henjoyment and maybe a likkle heducation. Click on the triangle below to hear Linton read his poem “It Noh Funny”.


people sayin´ dis
people sayin´ dat
`bout di yout´ of today
how dem carryin´ on away
an´ it noh funny
it noh funny

dem wi` tek chance
fi get a likkle kile (coil: money)
dem wi` tek chance
fi live-it-up a while
dem wi` tek chance
fi live-it-up in style
dem wi` tek chance
fi goh jump an´ prance
dem wi` tek chance
an dem love blues dance
dem wi` tek chance
an´ dem don´t count di caas (cost)

people sayin´ dis
people sayin´ dat
`bout di yout´ of today
how dem causin´ affray Continue reading

The Man that Is Will Power


willpower1HEY!! Thanks for dropping in to the “Security” blog. Zena here. As a writer and performer of this phenomenon called the “one woman show”, I had to take some time out today to big up a man who inspired me soooooo much. If anyone who is considering a life as a spoken word artist and wants to contribute to their community through the art of spoken word, theatre and rap, this guy is definitely someone to study. As a modern day storyteller and “Griot”, he is the epitome; actor, rapper, playwright, mentor.

Will Power. Name alone makes you wanna know more. Well, hit the vid links and the peep the website to see why I’m ravin’ about the man. What’s a Griot? (Gree-yot or Gree-yoh) “Griots are also orators, lyricists and musicians and they train to excel in all three art forms.” To find out a more click here.

This video is wicked because the character is an super cool agony uncle from back in the day. Everyone should have one of them. Click here for WILL POWER IS “OLD SCHOOL RAPPER”: LITTLE SISTER.

Now this video is good for those people who wants to get a quick culture hit on the connection between rap and Greek mythology. “Is there one?”, I hear you say. Let Will break it down for you. Click to here to WATCH WILL SPEAK ON BEING A MYTHOLOGICAL RAPPER ON THE BILL MYERS SHOW.

And DEFINITLEY check the articles on his website: WWW.WILLPOWER.TV

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