Walls, fences, borders, labels, cliques, gangs… Outside of these is strange and scary. But the most scariest thing to date seems to be change. In this climate of inevitable evolution we experience an insecurity so intense that we hang on for dear life to walls, fences, borders, labels, cliques, gangs…

For my first blog, I wanted to write something deep and meaningful and the only thing I could think of was what security meant to me. Right now, not much. Just because taking on a project like this one was such a huge mission and a turning point in my career as a black woman artist in the UK.

I have hit many a wall, some of them in my own head. I’ve been labelled (poet? actor? writer? singer? – what are you?!) I’ve ripped my clothes climbing creative fences and been bullied by gangs of negative thoughts that told me I couldn’t do this. But here it is. Now, making the show was as cathartic as spilling you guts about the trials of life after a few drinks at your best friend’s wedding. But the joy at its completion is indescribable.

Now it’s on tour and the Love I’m getting from friends, audience members, BAC crew, Apples & Snakes, Anthony, Gary and Brian is the bedrock to keeping on going with “Security”. It was not possible to write a piece of work that did not show the metamorphasis of lives of everyday people on the subtlest level after major trauma. The only thing about this piece, “Security”, that is permanent, is the ink on the paper I wrote it on because these stories are endless.

The stories are about people we know. Maybe not directly, but we all know someone who has lost someone, who has had to confront aging, puberty, peer pressure, an addiction, and the searing sting of injustices we feel when life deals a rough hand. But as they say “It is not the cards you are dealt that are important, it’s how you play them”.

Blatantly, with the world economy in serious flux and border control laws seemingly out of control, we are all experiencing intense moments of imbalance while we try to adjust to our environment altering due to globalisation and migration.On the upside of struggle, there is beauty; there is hope and renewal, there is friendship and trust (even if it’s transient) and there is, above all, the future. What do we write on that blank page?

The show is a theatrical poem. I love language and how it communicates ideas and feelings. That is why I love poetry. And I love that theatre, film, photography, song and movement have helped bring my poetry to life. I also love the millions of characters in the world that make this planet such an interesting place to write about and I thank them for the stories that teach us what it means to be human.

Times may be uncertain right now but, it is how we bring out the best of ourselves that is all a part of ‘the learning’ what it means to be human. The horrific stuff and the blissful stuff combined. Documenting it all is a privilege. I hope you enjoy “Security”. While it lasts.



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