Security Sessions

The Security Sessions raises issues that concern young people, exile, inter-generational communication, grief, family and the bridges we can build to strengthen the discourse around these themes. They are related to the 5 characters in the show. Each of them have blogs of their own and will be sharing their thoughts and ideas around the themes that are most relevant to them. To briefly meet each character’s go to the  side bar on the left, or click on the names below, to  be introduced to them through a small interview they’ve agreed to and then go to their individual blog.

Participants will work with the characters to complete their stories. Mahmoud needs to reconcile with his son, see his Granddaughter and return to his homeland Ramallah.  Algernon wants to learn more about young people so he can understand how he can contribute by telling his story. Ayleen might be pregnant and wants to find someone she can battle as budding MC. The twist in  Elijah’s story still needs to be unraveled. What is the next stage to finding out what happened when no one in the community will speak up? The Performer is the keeper of the Story and oversees how  all the characters find Security through their individual stories. London needs to have its story told. See what The Endz has to say.
Paricipants will learn about:

  • writing strong poetry and monologue
  • writing believable characters and dialogue
  • dramatic writing to a theme fro performance
  • rap and lyric writing

 The characters themselves will be posting interesting resources for writing so check their individual blogs too. For example, click here for one of Ayleens challenges.


Poetrics – The Critical Eye

Developing critiquing skill is crucial for better writing. Some of the questions you need to ask about your work regarding the content are:

  • What is the message and do you get it?
  • What’s the mood of the piece? What’s the voice of it? How does the writing portray the mood?
  • Is it original Are their any cliches? Has the piece made you look at the message within it in a new way? How?
  • Do you feel it in your guts?

And regarding the writing are:

  • What’s the style of the piece? Does the style add to the message or not?
  • How does the rhythm and the flow of the piece work for you?
  • Are there good descriptions? Is there good use of images, onomatopoeia, metaphors and/or similes?
  • Is there irony or symbolism to make a point?
  • Is there a character and is he/she/it convincing? If yes, why? If not, why not?


More Workshops and Masterclasses

Six workshops are designed to explore the role of Poet/Storyteller that dwells within everyone. Each of us has a story to tell and some of us want to explore way to document or tell these stories.

The skill of writing a strongly crafted poem or story and executing a sincere and memorable performance relies on understanding your voice, your craft, creating strong stories, believable characters and confidence on stage.

The content and program of all these workshops were born from the creative process of the one woman show, from the writing, devising and performance process. Participants involved will be guided to and through their own inner world of creativity and expression, and as a bonus, will discover their unique role as a Storyteller.

These workshops are designed to be flexible where the  range of age  and writing experience levels in the groups will be considered.

  1. Writing to a Theme
  2. Writing a Solo Show
  3. Your Creative voice
  4. Characters Live! – develop you characters through poetry
  5. Beyond the Abyss – From Empty Page to Full on Stage
  6. Age to Age – Inter-generational Workshop

For more in depth information about the workshop programs:


For bookings, email “WORKSHOPS” at

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