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ayleen-freeflowsWha’ gwan! World! I wanted to be the first to put something on here so this is the first rhyme to pop the Securityty creative writing blog cherry! Now I don’t min’ if people comment yeh but they better not disrespek it yeh, cos I ain’t used to people analyzing my rhymes too tuff, yu get me. But then Zena told me that’s what the POETRICS are for. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO APPRECIATE A RHYME.

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On a clean page I can rage like fire
When I can’t cuss or cry my pen blaze wid desire
Time feminine faction 2 touch a likkle mic da
manz dem ‘fraid as I flex wid might
tight lyrical content an a rhyme flow
cos its not da cleavage or how da batty show oh
ain’t no testosterone inflatin my ego
Mc Krude Reality gwaan show u how it go
I study rhyme like lyrical chess
About da battle wiv reality ‘n’ how I make it manifest
bless if my days been good more time I’m vex cos of my neighbourhood
so I’m a spit fire / word power explosive lyrical matter
splatter wack emcees demma scatter
dere flow maga when mine gets phatter
been surviving in this gutter I cough and splutter from
da filth needles piss and pipes
bust rubbish bags and smashed street lights
My endz drive me round the bend
cos too many man wanna send you to your grave early
murk a man dem switch dem get gully
chattin blagga blah rare on sum gangsta fake reality tip
another buckie bullet split sum ribs by sum blud that flipped
but no one snitched who did it
I see a next yout dead! erased from the stage of life
how soon before they prematurely out my light
it’s chilling/da killing is spilling blood in waterfalls of pain
God willing rebuilding da feeling of love will release da blame
forget hate and shame / release the pain in my brothers name
krude reality is the same for male and female
poverty sex drugs it’s da classic ghetto tale
But da feminine perspective is just the coin flipped
so pass the mic and cease da noise bout your car and your little d*%k Mc KrudeReality, cute on the outside
But da lyrics she spit mek yu freeze in yu dutty creps and fake Kleins

For more lyrical carnage, click here to check my blog.

MC KrudeReality OUT!!

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Welcome to the “Security” Blog.

It is a full on inter-active blog with all the characters in the show dropping in to say their five pence worth because they feel it has some worth when the local MPs , or their families or their mates don’t…

It’s a place to find out their daily wranglings, what they want in this one short life, what they love or detest and what they would do with 3 wishes. Its a place where they can feel listened to.

Browse round and comment when you feel to because the page, stage, microphone, the megaphone is also yours.
We want you to feel free

  • to shine your lyrics on us

  • share your songs, poems and micro stories (max 300 words, 150 if you’re a Don)

  • educate us by sharing interesting web links

  • post images or audio

  • have a good ol’ fashioned rant

  • or just tell the world what you would do with 3 wishes.

If you want us to put up images or youtube vids or upload any audio, click here to get the contact us page and we’ll hook it up.

Calling all budding poets/ writers / performers / rappers / bloggers!!

Would you like to develop writing and performance skills, meet the characters ?

We provide workshop/masterclasses and mentoring, and opportunities to meet and learn from professional artists who are only too glad to share their skills. Anyone can apply but the deal is you feedback what you learn to the Security site. Sound like a fair deal? If you’re up for it then click here to get to the contact us page and let us know you’re alive.We’re friendly so if you have ANY questions about this project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Peace and Rice


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No More Shrines by Algernon Dennis Brookes

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I did find this newspaper article. This is something I feel very strongly about. I see too may of these things and though I can appreciate the sentiment, i do not appreciate the reasons for why they are there. Its like they catching like some kind of flu.  No. I don’t like it. I don’ want to see it. This article wouldna be so sad if I didna agree wis the lady who wrote it. – Algernon

“One side effect of the recent spate of teenage knife crime has been the proliferation of roadside shrines to those killed.
Recently I passed the spot where Ben Kinsella died,
where there is an arresting display of flowers, banners and soft toys.
Such tributes are now a depressingly familiar sight.”