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Ayleen has been in touch with me saying that someone has been inside Elijah’s, her murdered brother’s, tribute page and posted a blog with one of Elijah’s alias’ – SMUGGZ. It is not her, or Brendon, their little brother. Its ok that the author of this blog has written a poem to draw attention to a very serious issue but the point is that no one was authorised to do this. No one from the team knows who has written it.

We can only assume that the blog has been compromised in some way and that the password been broken as also, none of the team have given the password to Elijah’s blog to anyone. It doesn’t make sense as a casual thing to do anyway. But implied threats have been made and responded to in the comments section. We appeal to anyone who may know what this about to not over react and to let us know what is going on. We are doing our best to get to the bottom of this.

To find out more check out the comments on the Lives not Knives post on Elijah’s blog.


Don’t sound right saying vagina like that?! by AyleeN Venetia Benoit

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Yeh this is Ayleen yeah and i wanted to say something about this video that Zena told me to watch about what security is yeh. i like it an all that but i was a bit shocked yeh when the woman who’s talkin started the whole video talkin about vaginas!! I’m like WHA’!!! But then i find out Eve Ensler, the woman in the video yeh, she wrote this one woman show like Zena’s called The Vagina Monologues. i like, alright, easy….Wait a minute…? oh yeeeeh Zena did say that it helped to inspire her to make own her show so….
Apparently its a whole show of older women talking about their how they feel about their..(I’m not allowed to swear, is it?)  about their vaginas, What for, I don”t know but this video is about security. Not the show, but what makes us feel safe in this world, in your community and just within your life I guess. .(IfI had of used another condom for extra “security” then maybe  I might not have to worry about another child brought up in this crazy peak  time. DON”T JUDGE ME I’m still trying to do the right fing.  The v  sounds quite interestin still…. so yeah I’m gonna watch it yeah and then get back to you.
Anyway check it out and tell me what you fink. MC KrudeReality out!

Eve Ensler: Security and Insecurity

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