The book is a script of the show published by Flipped Eye Publications in May 2009. Security the script is a perfect educational resource and is part of the workshop package entitled the ‘Security Sessions’  and is accompanied with a download of the film of the show. Click here for more information about Security the film.

Here we meet Ayleen and Mahmoud meeting in a cafe on the South Bank in London, where he first took photographs of her. Small talk is wearing thin. What will happen next?

Mahmoud: So…Ayleen Venitia Benoir, you working?

Ayleen: I’m what you would call between jobs at the moment.

Mahmoud:Oh. So what you do for money?

I get pocket money. My brother used to give me some change. But more time I’m broke. I been signing on for recently though.

No! No, When I Iook at you, when I speak to you, I know you are not meant for the dole queue.

And how do YOU know what I am or am not meant for? Its kinda like the highlight of my my fortnight, to be quite honest (to audience) “What is it with this dude? He’s kind of wierd man… hmmmm? …seems harmless enough though…

Ptah! (Addresses the audience)she is so blasé! But it fools no one, specially not a seasoned cynic like myself
but really how you make your money?

Questions, questions, you ask too much questions man! What about you, doh?  You got a job? You can’t have a job walking your dog down here these times, can you. No I don’t think so!

No, I am curious, what is it that you have to hide? How do you make your money? And if you’re not out making money what do you do with your day? No college, no work?  What do you do?

(to audience) What the…!?! man who does dude think he is? Is he implying that I’m some kinda ho!?!

Me, I work in dole office. I am translator.  I know people who come to the dole office. I know every agenda, sickness scam and sob story there is to know.  I know every Desperate Dan, Samuel the asylum seeker, six different name claim, signing on for the next year again character, and you my dear do not fall into any category of the lifers I have met….  So I know signing on is not the highlight of your fortnight.  What else is it that you do?

Rolls eye – I MC, alright!

Extract from “Security” – Zena Edwards©

Artist Leo Stiles’ illustrations have added just the right flavour to the pages of my first full published work. He’s been scribbling since a young age and strives for originality in his work, always moving in new directions and experimenting with techniques and ideas of expressing himself. “Making your Jeans Wilder since 2002”. Check out his website –


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