Tha Endz

So you reach.


And what hits you first. The sight? the sound? Or the smell? Maybe its all three at the same time and you are either overpowered, cornered overcome?

So do you shut down the senses to deflect the onslaught.
And gradually you open up to let a little in at a time…
the sirens the road works
the smell of chicken and chips or palm oil and moi moi
mingling with the chemical fumes
from the lauderette,
whose 25 eyes roll with boredom

the sour scuff of feet, of human meat over rough concrete
the babies bawl and babble in shopping ladened prams,
school ties are ruffled and scorned,  a tribe school uniforms
flock and squabble on the tired pavement after the school buzzer

the clang and clamour of tongues in a tangle
albanian, turkish, urdu, polish, patois, pidegoen french-congolese creole
the cockney street slang does a dance over the bus brakes

human weave hair and cheap make up tumble out of shop windows
the bookies opposite the bookies is crawling with scaffold
and the offies selling after hours,
offers comfort for the under aged and old

the desperate and fun loving

have a Tottenham Love-In, for the loving ain’t so easy in tha endz
and the romance ends
just like it began – in a crystal haze

the cameras spin on top of street poles like
demented babysitters with no clue
don’t drop the baby!
from the 26th floor balcony
nanny it to death

and sign on to sign on the dotted line
to pump up the car stereo volume
as tha endz will steps out of line
to the grand design

Give the endz time nuff colour there
nuff excitement stares back at dreams to be filled
till you you hear

breathe my name and I will live
in the heart of you
Breathe my name and I strike
fear and stoke the fire of love
at the same time

Cos I’m home
Love me or hate me

I’m home

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One Response to “Tha Endz”

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