NAME: Mahmoud Mairanay Khazendar

AGE: 47

HEIGHT: 6 foot

PLACE OF BIRTH: Salt, Jordan, Palestine

LIVES: Tottenham, London

Likes: the neighbours spiced rum from the Caribbean, his dog – Candiyam, to photograph things so ugly they are beautiful, Sophie who works in the local cafe, smoking roll ups with no filter

5 daily routines:

I wake up, I smoke a cigarette and try to write letter to my son… but it is difficult. It is nearly 5 years we no speak properly

get dressed, buy a newspaper, go to the cafe on the corner and eat tomatoes on toast, drink coffee with shot of rum… or two

buy Candiyam a little chocolate or turkish delight…. just one little

I work part time at the Job Centre as translator so go there or

take Candiyam for a long walk, sometimes to the parks or to the Southbank with my camera… maybe try to write letter to my son

3 wishes: aargh… I’m too old for wishes… to see world peace. There is that good enough! What kind of question is this…tut…


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