These are the people who keep this blog breathing. Big Shout Out!

Zena Edwards
Writer / project developer

Alexis Bailey

Ayleen Venetia Benoit
“Between jobs at the moments” / MC

Elijah Paul Benoit
Part-time mechanic

Part time translator at a north London dole office/wanna-be professional photographer

Algernon Dennis Brooks
OAP / local historian / storyteller / busybody

The Performer
storyteller / shape shifter / orator  /actor / singer


This blog is also where people can write poetry about the things that inspire and irritate them most about the community – local and global.

Mahmoud, Ayleen, Algernon and Elijah have agreed to visit and comment on a regular basis. Mahmoud is a secret poet so he said he’s cool to write some poems. Ayleen is always looking to battle another MC. Elijah and Algernon have said they would take a look because they think it would be a good idea to do something together once a week. Encourage them to catch up and stuff.

Feel free to share your poems and comment on those you read. Check out the rules for respecting peoples work though. Its a good way to become a better writer for yourself too.

Like all politics there is diplomatic way to critique a poem. Not just, “I don’t like it” or “yeah its good”. So these are just a few things to look out for

The Critical Eye

The content

  • What is the message and do you get it?
  • What’s the mood of the piece? What’s the voice of it? How does the writing portray the mood?
  • Do you feel it in your guts?

The writing

  • What’s the style of the piece? Does the style add to the message or not?
  • How does the rhythm and the flow of the piece work for you?
  • Are there good descriptions? Is there good use of images, onomatopoeia, metaphors and/or similes?
  • Is there irony or symbolism to make a point?
  • Is there a character and is he/she/it convincing? If yes, why? If not, why not?

The originality

  • Cliches? Has the piece made you look at the message within it in a new way? How?



If yes, then you would be eligible for free mentoring and tutoring in creative writing, performance and other goodies.

Contact Email:

and type “TEAM” in the subject box.

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