Full Name: Ayleen Venetia Benoit

AGE: 16

HIEGHT: 5 foot 5 inches

PLACE OF BIRTH: Homerton Hospital, Hackney

LIVES: Tottenham for most of life, moved to Peckham cos of family issues

LIKES: To write her thoughts in rap lyrics, eating chicken kebabs and sorrel, jamming with Kiesha, Andrea and Marsha

5 daily routines

I take a shower. Daily! I know some people who don’t, man… that ain’t right…!

Go down stairs to the kitchen and I get some breakfast for mum and Baby Brendon, that’s my little brother – he’s 12. Not much talking really goes on there since Elijah, my twin brother got killed… depend son mum’s mood.

Make sure Brendon goes to school. He’s been caught bunkin’ since Elijah’s been gone

I used to go and see Elijah at the garage…

Mos days I go an’ check my girls innit? But then I always try to get round Sinful’s drum on a regs cos he’s got turntables decks anna mic… I get to practice my lyrics an’ ‘e’s quite buff too doh. Most me friend think he’s hot…

3 WISHES: to go to Miami, cut a album, make enough money to send Baby Brendon to a good school


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