NAME: Algernon Dennis Brooks

AGE: 80

HEIGHT: 5 foot 7 and 3/4 inches when he was a yout’. Now stoops in at 5 foot 6

PLACE OF BIRTH: The Valley, Anguilla, West Indies

LIVES: Tottenham

LIKES : The horses, Maureen (his “special” friend), clean shoes, dancing

5 daily routines:

Well it’s not daily but i muss reach the Caribbean Older Peoples social club on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays to talk about tings and times…. you know Tings and Times? Is a wicked poem by Linton Kwesi Johnson. I did meet ‘im you know, mm hmm. Cool man, very cool…

I go to get stale pastries from Sophie’s Cafe to feed the ducks with Maureen

Polish my shoes before bed. A woman can tell everyting about a man from his shoe. ‘Member dat!

Catch the 11.50 at New Market for mi daily flutter.

I try to talk to the yout’ dem that hang about on the Grove… I tek the time since that boy Elijah die. Sometimes, they laugh after me. It nah funny… “It noh funny”. Now that is another Linton poem…? Now what you tink that mean…? But I do… I tek a likkle time… life too shart and I tink it’s himportant to connect… if you nderstand where I’m coming from

3 wishes: well if I win the Grand National horse race this year all my prayers will be answered heh heh…I go home, tek Maureen, sit undah de sun wid a coconut water mmm hmm!


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5 Responses to “Algernon”

  1. Whitney Says:

    What does Maureen think Algernon’s clean shoes say about him?

    • Well, every woman should know that a man who pays attention to his shoes is a man who finishes things. Nah true? He’s a man who pays attention to all the details. Now that could be annoying because he could take longer in the bathroom than you, be too finnicky and hard to please. BUT you could be guaranteed a fine time with all the trimmings… and Maureen is a old skool kinda lady. Indeed she is…

      • algernondennis Says:

        I can speak for myself young lady… struuupss too long in de bathroom!
        Yes it is true I am personally a quite a meticulous man. I pride myself on my cleanliness. I would go round to Mahmoud house and help him clean but I am frightened what might come jumping out at me! But shoes is the key to a man success. I tink. Mmm Hm.

  2. mahmoudmairanay Says:

    EY! Whass wrong with my house!?!!

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