The Performer has just posted two blogs now.

Comedy and Tragedy

From the tone of the first one , the blog will be upfront, no nonsense “tell it like it is” addition to the “Security” family.

Here’s an excerpt “…If you’re a performer already you will know what its like to experience the rush of a good show and the depression of a bad one. If you’re not, then …. well, just imagine it being a gorgeous day outside the window and by the time you’ve your halter neck, or shorts and flip flops on, and you get to the front door…. it’s a hail storm. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens.)

Now multiply that by 5 to up to 50 million and you’ll be getting close to what euphoria and like being the schizophrenic head of a modern day performer. No disrespect intended but “bipolar” comes to mind.”

The Performer will be make many performance related contribution in the form of helpful tips, journal entries interviews from professionals and more. We’ll keep you posted.

Meantime, click to check the Performers blog.


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